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Working Together for a Successful Future

Year 4

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In English we carried on reading Kensuke’s Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo which we started reading via zoom in lockdown. We analysed the main characters so that we could write diary entries and letters from various points of view. We also practiced our reading comprehension skills by answering questions about the book and ended with a book review. As you can see they really enjoyed this book!


In maths we have been trying to inspire a growth mindset in the children by discussing their confidence in maths. They identified ways in which they could help themselves if they are feeling lost or unsure such as working together, believing in themselves and using the resources in the classroom. We then asked them to put these into practice with some more exploratory tasks than we would usually try in maths. In these photos you can see an escape room challenge the children had to try and complete in small groups. The children really rose to the challenge and worked brilliantly in their groups to solve the mystery.


In science we have been looking at habitats and the environment. We built on the knowledge the children had already gained throughout lockdown and began to discuss different habitats, animals and their features that set them apart. The children learnt to represent this on Venn diagrams. They them put this into context when going out and about looking for different habitats and used their artistic skills to sketch various animals and environments.


In P.E we have been working on the skills of basketball and dodgeball outside on the playground as well as yoga in the hall.